Born and bred a Yankee from a small town in upper Pennsylvania near the New York state line in Lumbering country, my Daddy worked for 36 years in a local saw mill and provided for seven children. Taught us how to fly fish, work hard and to take pride in what you do, respect your elders, and most of all to look at no matter what the situation in life is, stand firm in what you belive..
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I'm so thankful he never stopped being my Father
My feet have been planted here in Springfield, Mo. since 2005, wherever the Lord wants to plant me is where I'll be productive.
Performing started at an early age of thirteen. I enjoy playing for churches, fairs, weddings, American Legion or Veteran Clubs, or benefit events that help struggling families in need. As a song writer I have wrote and composed many songs some available for purchase .
I have dabbled in jingle writing for products, and I especially enjoy playing for children and elderly folks, the appreciation level from them is just too rewarding.
I serve a loving God who has blessed me throughout my life and I know.....He will continue to guide me and oversee anything I set out to accomplish.
As a story teller thru song, I have a determination to share with those who reach out with a need to have their hearts dance.
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